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Nachrichten › Mo. 30.03. Einlass 20:30 /Beginn 21:00 Performance Stereocilia (UK)

Stereocilia aka John Scott ist ein Komponist und Gitarrist aus Bristol (UK).


Mit seiner Gitarre, analogen Synthesizern und einer Loop-Station kreiert er live atmosphärisch dichte und ausufernde Ambient-Klangschichten, die den Soundtrack zu einem selbst produzierten Film darstellen, der gleichzeitig im Hintergrund läuft.

Stereocilia is Bristol based guitarist and composer, John Scott. John uses his guitar, analog synths and live looping techniques to create dense, rich layers of sound.
His live show is centered around a visual backdrop he has created, with the improvisation acting as a live soundtrack. Over the past 10 years John has performed all over the UK and Europe with various projects. He has also presented work for live radio broadcasts, and regularly composes for short films. He has also performed in three of Rhys Chatham’s 100-piece guitar Orchestras. In 2012 at the Biennial festival in Liverpool cathedral performing ‘A Crimson Grail’, San Francisco 2013 and Birmingham 2014 both performing ‘A Secret Rose’.
John’s Debut album Mumurations came out on his Echoic Memory Label in November 2013, bookended by two E.P’s and a string of compilation appearances. 2015 will see the release of his second album, due out in the spring. A European tour scheduled for the end of March will see him performing these new tracks for the first time in mainland Europe.
"Cascades of guitar notes, plucked, strummed and eased from the guitar with seemingly effortless ease, the sure sign of a master craftsman" - Terrascope
"With his guitar, London’s John Scott has found an Archimedean point from which he can move the world" - Igloo Magazine
A sprawling soundscape of warm drones” – Drunken Werewolf

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