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Hier findet Ihr in gesammelter Form viele Künstler, die schon mal bei uns Musik gemacht haben,darüber hinaus immer mal wieder DJ-Mitschnitte aus der Bar daneben oder den neuesten Multimono-Mix.

gemixed vom Winkler

14.01.15 Above the tree & Drum Ensemble du Beat

Complex 23 14.01.15 AboveTheTree & TheDrumEnsembleDuBeat from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

08.11.14 Alice in the cities

Complex23 08.11.14 AliceInTheCities from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

05.07.14 XTR Human

Complex23 05.07.14 XTR Human from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

28.06.14 multimono ladenlieder: Bertha Louise

Complex23 28.06.14 Bertha Louise from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

18.06.2014 Gnob23 & Wüsuals

Complex23 18.06.14 Gnob23 & Wüsuals from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

14.06.2014 KestekopII

Complex23 14.06.14 KestekopII from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

28.05.14 Szardening-Schlewinsky Duo

Complex23 28.05.14 Szardening-Schlewinski-Duo from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

17.05.14 multimono ladenlieder: Racoon Man

Complex23 17.05.14 RacoonMan from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

20.04.14  Anla Courtis 

Complex23 20.04.2014 Anla Courtis - El ultimo malon from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

19.04.14  Radana`s Jazz

Complex23 19.04.2014 Radana`s Jazz from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

14.04.14  The Flamenco Thief

Complex23 14.04.2014 The Flamenco Thief from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

27.03.14  Oddateee

04.03.14  Mystical Communication Service

22.02.14  ClubBleu

07.02.14: Levin goes lightly

03.02.14: Waelder

18.01.2014: The Trona Experience

12.12.2013: Blurt

07.11.2013: Majmoon & Jealousy Mountain Duo

Complex23 majmoon 7-11-13 from Complex 23 on Vimeo.

18.10.2013: Stefan Dittrich

11.10.2013: The Flamenco Thief

15.09.2013: Sontag Shogun & Dead Rat Orchestra

07.06.2013: Hush Hush

31.05.2013: Electric Electric

08.05.2013: Sole + iconAclass (MC Dälek) @ mobilat

18.04.2013: Buck Gooter

16.04.2013: Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co.

16.02.2013: Pyrin

Mai 2012: Allererste Band

Me Succeeds "Rongorongo" i saw music
Hamburg-based electropop-trio Me Succeeds releases their fourth album "Rongorongo" on the selfmade label i saw music. The band will autonomously distribute the record, manifested in 180 gramms of vinyl, clad in screenprinted artwork. In addition the full album will be available as a free download on

The naming of "Rongorongo" refers to the long lost language of the Easter Island that is deemed indecipherable. Me Succeeds tell of this oblivion, of the incomprehension and of losing the relation to oneself. But the songs featured on "Rongorongo" remain unintrusive and leave room for interpretations.

Musically, Me Succeeds stick with the classic indie-sounds of bass, guitars and stageorgan, but arrange them with the beats and the simplicity of house- or minimal-techno structures.
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